St Johns Province Kanjirapally

Visit to Aadivasi Coloni by Provincial Team

Celebrating the Holy Year of Mercy, our provincial team visited a remote tribal settlement situated near to Nilakkal named Attathodu, near the banks of river Pamba. Majority of tribes here belongs to Malapandaram tribal community. IMG20160829160156People here engage in small scale agriculture and hunting. They suffer a lot from poverty, unemployment, exploitations, inequalities and other diseases which are common in tribal settlements and many families live in deplorable and poor conditions. They don’t even have proper shelters or proper education.But, the useful schemes and programmes of government to promote the tribal communities helps these people in a helpful manner.

Our sisters had dress collected for them which was IMG20160829154800distributed. A whole day was spent with them, caring for them and listening them.

sters could share the mercy of the Heavenly Father and find peace and joy in being with them.

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