St Johns Province Kanjirapally

Apostolic Life

Christ has entrusted the Church with the salvific mission of preaching the good news to all the people. We who are placed in the heart of Christ in a deeper manner through our consecration, share in a more special way in the apostolic mission of His mystical body. We fulfill this mission through prayer, service and sacrifice.

Eucharistic Spirit and Apostolic Mission: We, the Adorers of the Blessed Sacrament share the apostolic mission of the Church in a special way by bringing everyone closer to the Eucharist. Our apostolic activities are enriched by our Eucharistic spirit and our Eucharistic life by our apostolic zeal. We exercise our apostolic mission by rendering certain charitable works for the betterment of the world.

Our Various Apostolates:

  • Eucharistic Apostolate: We foster the spirit of Eucharistic devotion through our apostolate of Adoration, parish ministry and faith formation.
  • Education Apostolate: Starting and maintaining educational institutions are one of our best ways in which we foster Eucharistic devotion.
  • Healing Ministry: Our sisters engaged in healing ministry impart the comforting touch of the Eucharistic Lord to the patients they take care of.
  • Social Apostolate: We, who experience the compassionate loev and mercy of the Eucharistic Lord are specially obliged to help the poor, afflicted and the exploited around us.
  • Mission and Evangelization: We are ready to go to any part of the world urged by the zeal of the Eucharistic love we experience.