St Johns Province Kanjirapally

Community Life

Our SABS life is a call to participate in the fellowship of the Holy Trinity. The special charism of our congregation unites us in this fellowship. Like the communtiy of Apostles whom Christ summoned to be His companions and to be sent out to preach, we are chosen by the Spirit of God to fulfill the divine mission in us and in others.

Eucharistic Communities: The Eucharist is the center and the source of our communities. We who are nourished everyday by the Word of God and the Body of Christ, become unioted into one body acting like the different organs of the same body. Hence we accept each other in the spirit of faith and serve each other inspired by the divine love.

Our model is Christ at the Last Supper, who washed the feet of His disciples and broke His Body and gave it to them out of His Love. Imitating the unfathomable humility, ever-enduring patience, and the pure love of Christ and practising them in our community, we express our love for and union with God. Every Adoration sister burns with the intensity of the forgiving love of Christ. Our uniqueness consists in our readiness to place ourselves at others disposal even at the cost of our personal comforts and even our life. We are eager to build up open and earnest human relations and to promote interdependance by freeing ourselves from the bondage of selfishness and the sense of self-sufficiency.

The uniqueness and identity of the lifestyle of the Eucharistic community is revealed in fullness in its basic unit, the local community. All the members are keen on assimilating the ascetic spirit into their lifestyle by their fidelity to community life, by common sharing of everything that they have and by leading a simple and poor life.

Every local community has a daily programme that suites their activities, common life, apostolate and the climatic conditions.

Community Prayer: We find the unity and strength of our community in praying together. We spend hours in prayer before the Lord with the readiness to dedicate ourselves fully to God and men. This enables us to find and accept ourselves and others in the light of faith.

Study: We find time for silent study periods that help to inculcate in us the habit of reflection which leads to contemplation.

Silence and Solitude: Contemplative silence fosters sanctity, perseverance and fortitude. It is the deep union with the Eucharistic Lord attained through silence and solitude that fills us with fraternal charity.

Recreation: Recreation helps us to share the joys and sorrows with one another and to stegthen the family spirit by giving compassionate love to all.

Spirit of Reparation: Our vowed life is a means for reparation. Besides joyfully accepting the troubles and tribulations of our everyday life we do acts of penance and reparation both personally and communally.