St Johns Province Kanjirapally

Homeo Clinics

SABS Kanjirapally St Johns Province, extends thhomeo kunnumbhagame comforting and healing touch of the Eucharistic Lord to the sick and afflicted through its three homeo clinics. We are proud to have three homeo doctors who dedicate themselves for this cause. Sr Roslin Aylumalil SABS renders her selfless services at the clinic functioning at Kunnumbhagam, near to the Provincial House. Each day a lot of people visit Sr Roslin for her services which includes counselling and praykoru4er therapy, in addition to the blessed healing ministry she provides.

Sr Liz Maria Vengathanam SABS is a practised homeo doctor, who is ready to work round the clock for the poor  people of a remote and marginalized village named Koruthode. Here too the services extended include counselling and prayer. Sr Rose Paul SABS is rekoru3ndering her services at the homeo clinic functioning in the village of Elikulam. Not only people from Elikulam, but the poor and deprived from nearby places too come and experience the divine touch of the Eucharistic Lord through the blessed hands of our sisters.