St Johns Province Kanjirapally



In Nepal, sisters are engaged in teaching running boarding houses and caring the HIV/AIDS patients. Our mission activities started in 1993, when in collaborationnepal1 with the CST Fathers, the sisters  joined to work in their school. In 1996 our sisters volunteered to serve the Nepalee victims who were affected by AIDS or STD by helping them to come out of their inhuman existence being disowned by the family, rejected by the society and despised by everybody.

Our Convents in Nepal are:

Narayangarh: In response to the invitation of the Provincial superior of CST Congregation Rev. Fr. Joseph Chathanatt we have taken the first step to enter in Nepal for nepal2mission and evangelization. In collaboration with the CST Fathers we joined to work in their school in 1993 to propagate the Eucharistic devotion through education.

Nakkhu – Kathmandu: Our sisters in 1996 volunteered to serve the Nepalee victims who were affected by AIDS/STD at Nakkhu. The sisters help them to come out of their inhuman existence, being disowned by family, rejected by the society and despised by everybody.nepal3

Beergunj: In 2002 Karuna Bhavan Beergunj started its work with noble objectives to provide nursing and medical care to the needy and to create an environment  for the education of HIV infected and affected  children.

Godavari: We started our  service in Karuna Kinderhaus – the HIV/AIDS centre in Godavari in 2003. This centre provided care and support to the HIV infected women and chidren.  All the children at  Kinderhaus are enjoying schooling with a dream to become a part of national development in future. Children enjoy learning about different cultures, nepal4practicing conventional  English and playing games.

Simra:In order to illumine  the light of faith and the fire of Eucharistic Love in the hearts and minds of the Nepalee children, we started a school in 2011 at Simara. We try to sow the seeds of love, faith and knowledge through education.

Khalilabad: The first mission station of our province in the diocese of Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh started in July 25, 1998, responding to the invitation of Mar Dominic Kokkatt CST, the Bishop of Gorakhpur. Our main apostolate is teaching in the Diocesan school  and imparting knowledge to the ignorant and illiterate people of the remotest village of the diocese.

P.G.S.S: ( Purvanchal Gramina Seva Samity)

It  is  an organization functioning under Diocese of Gorakhpur to promote social activities in and outside the diocese.  It mainly focuses on the development of the marginalized women and children and for the upliftment of the villagers where people live in an uncivilized manner.

The Bishop of Chanda, Mar Vijay Anand Nedumpuram CMI invited the Mother General ofchanda1 SABS sisters, to deepen the faith and share the Eucharistic love with the brethren of Chanda Diocese. Led by zeal and enthusiasm, sisters of Kanjirapally province took up the challenge to spread Eucharistic devotion there. Though it was a leap into darkness, it paved the way to open more stations.

Reppenpally: The first house in Maharashtra started at Reppenpally in 1997. There the sisters are involved in the field of education and vest chandasocial services by conducting development programmes in the villages to uplift the poor people.

Bellarsha: To fulfill the long cherished desire of starting a Kalabhavan, the  Bishop of Chanda invited us to begin a new station in the premises of  Bellarsha.  We accepted the invitation and the Kalabhavan was established in 1999. It is intended for bringing up the poor catholic children of diocese by imparting good education and developing their talents to make  them good leaders of the diocese.

New Deheli: To kindle the Eucharistic love in the hearts of the poor people, we started achanda2 convent in 2011 in the heart of the New Deheli village. We enlighten the minds of the people through adoration and education.

Wadsa: To keep pace with the fast progress of the diocese we felt an urge to reach into remote areas to witness the Eucharistic Lord and to lighten the people with the true light through education we intended our service in the Diocesan school on 10/11/2009.