St Johns Province Kanjirapally

Good Shepherd Ashram, Kanjirapally

Started in 2011 June 1st with 4 members, the Good Shepherd Ashram stands out as a shelter home for the mentally challenged and disabled women and children. ani4This ashram is meant to provide care for the mentally challenged who are viable to be exploited by the society and particularly those who have no caretakers.

Till to date there were 35 inmates in this ashram. Physical, mental and spiritual care and protection is provided to these marginalized women irrespective of caste and creed. Of date, three of the inmates have been deceased, five have been rehabilitated, ani3some nine have been shifted to other shelter homes and at present there are 22 inmates who benefit from the care provided here.

Hailing from financialy poor backgrounds, the inmates of this ashram are given the utmost care and concern in their physical, mental and spiritual needs. These persons are given training to become self-sufficient, at least in their basic needs. The ashram maintains a vegetable garden, tapioca garden and fruit meadow where the inmates work to gain physical fitness and mental stability. The aquariums and a poultry farm in the ani1ashram is another  place which provides physical recreation to the inmates. They watch television and movies, practice dance and music and occasionally conduct variety entertainments.

In case of medical needs the ashram functions as an infirmary to the inmates. Ordinary medical needs are met with nursing care in the ashram itself. In case of  severe needs, sick persons are taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, whereas medical practitioners are brought to the ashram to ani2take care of those who are unable to be taken to hospitals. Speech therapy and music therapy are provided for mental rejuvenation, which serves as a method for physical cure as well as offers them a time of entertainment.

The spiritual needs of the inmates are fulfilled via daily rosary, Holy Mass, perpetual adoration, intercessory prayers and silent meditaion.